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The rooms at Peabody Orlando Hotel are the finest around. From our pillow-soft comforters to our spotlessly clean bathrooms, our hotel rooms and luxury suites are decked out from top to bottom. Enjoy our complimentary breakfast, in-room massages, high definition TVs, and much more. You will always feel at home under our care.

Guest Reviews

Delores Hutchins
My husband and I spend a great deal of time on vacation. We're retired now, so we get to travel the country whenever we want. We usually only go to cities that are close to our family members so we have a chance to see them while we're out. When we got a chance to see some of our grandkids in Orlando this year, we jumped on it. We were very happy with our experience at Peabody Hotel in Orlando. The staff there was very helpful in parking out car, getting our bags upstairs, and making sure our room was set up properly. My husband has a lot of heavy medical equipment that we have to bring with us, and the bellhop stayed around to get it all hooked up for him. Our son booked the room on the internet about a month before we got to the hotel, and he requested that we be close to an entrance/exit or an elevator so we didn't have to walk around a lot. The hotel was able to accommodate our needs. We would be happy to stay at Peabody Hotel again if we had the opportunity to.

Lawrence Johnson
I don't get a chance to stay at fancy hotels much because I don't make a lot of money. If I'm going to make a trip, I'm going to go to whatever the cheapest motel is and try to make the most of it. I was searching online for a good deal in Orlando, and I somehow found a really cheap room at Peabody. I knew it was a nice hotel, but the deal made it well within my budget. My mom was the one paying for most of the trip, but I covered the cost of the hotel room. I was completely thrown off by how much I got for the money I spent. The room was probably bigger than my whole apartment, and the bed felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I don't carry suitcases because I don't have any, so I use trash bags for all of my clothes. No one looked at me like I was odd whenever I passed through the lobby, no matter how ghetto a dude with trash bags for luggage probably comes across. All in all, I felt right at home at the Peabody Hotel, and I was very pleased with my stay there. Hopefully I can find another great deal in the future!

Diana Everdeen
I stayed at Peabody Orlando Hotel about three months ago when my surrogate mother gave birth to my daughter. This was a big moment in my life because I do not have the ability to have a child on my own. The pregnancy and birth went fine, and I was able to bring the baby to the hotel with me the very next day. The reason I'm writing this review is because I wanted to share just how quiet, peaceful, and calm my room was, enough to keep my little girl as happy as can be. I notified the people staying next to me about her in advance in case they heard crying through the walls. They never did. I stayed for a week before officially going home, and my baby did well every minute of our time there. If a newborn feels comfortable here, anyone can. Thanks Peabody.

Crystal Parks
It is not very often that I have positive things to say about a hotel, but Peabody has something really special to offer Orlando. The thing I liked about it is that it felt close to everything, so I was able to enjoy the city from the moment I got in it. The pool was great, and I even met a cute guy there from my floor. We've been talking since the trip, so if this turns into something special, I'm going to owe Peabody Hotel a big thank you! Haha. My room was super clean from top to bottom, and the TV was HUGE! It was enough to make any girl happy to be at a hotel.

Olive Vickens
When I had to go to a business conference in Orlando last year, I ended up staying next to a colleague of mine at the Peabody Hotel. Since we were in adjacent rooms, we were able to compare noise levels, rates, views, etc. I got a better rate on my room than he did because I booked online early, but he still got a lot out of his room for the money. The rooms weren't completely identical, but they had a lot of the same features the bed, the chairs, etc. We both slept very well in our rooms, and neither of us had any problems with noise while we were there. I think it is safe to say we would both stay there again if we needed to.

Justine Smith
I have a lot of family members in Orlando, so I find myself coming here on a regular basis. After staying at several hotels here in the past, I have to say that Peabody is by far my favorite. I went to a different hotel this last time thinking I would find something better, and my experience was terrible. I plan to return to Peabody Hotel next time I'm in town.