Indrayanti beach

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Feel The Charm Of The White Beaches And Crystal Clear Ocean Water Of Indrayanti Beach Indonesian For A Vacation

Looking for a place to go to for a family or romantic vacation? Indrayanti beach is the place to be. It is located in Tepus, Indonesia approximately 4 miles from Baron Beach. There are private vehicles like minibuses that transport tourists to the beach. However, travelling with a private vehicle is also possible as it is only a two to three hour drive from Yogyakarta city.


Indrayanti beach has delightful white beaches with crystal clear water. It is the perfect choice for a family vacation. Lodging facilities have been put up to facilitate the accommodation of guests. This can be rented out to you and your family in case you would like to spend the night at the beach. Occasionally, the southern waves of the ocean embrace the atmosphere. Pandanus thatched Gazebo indulge tourists having fun in the beach.

Wedding photography is very common in this beach. The beautiful scenery provides an atmosphere for photo sessions after the wedding. Spouses can sand bathe or sit under the shady pandanus trees during the day and take pictures in the evenings. On the other hand, you can also go swimming with your family. However, sports such as the Jet sky are offered in the beach. It is very safe as each rider is given a life jacket to wear and have an expert as a companion.

Fishing activities are done on the Cliff that is situated on the eastern side of the coast. In addition, asthma patients visit the beach several times to do Salt Vapor Therapy. Of course, typical delicacies are also available at Indrayanti beach. Order seafood or even coconut ice while feeling the cool breeze of the sea.

Visit Indrayanti beach and have a wonderful experience of the beautiful white beaches with crystal clear water. Have a beautiful pre wedding photo in this beach. Moreover, it is a very conducive place for you and your whole family as there are a bunch of activities that you can indulge in. This includes swimming, fishing and even sporting. Indrayanti beach, the place to be for a wonderful vacation.

Cukang Taneuh Pangandaran

Discover Asia's Version Of The Grand Canyon : Cukang Taneuh Pangandaran Indonesia

Cukang Taneuh Pangandaran canyon is Asia's version of the Grand Canyon found in the United States of America. But unlike the Grand Canyon, this place looks like paradise as there are trees growing on the two steep cliffs that are connected by a narrow piece of soil. Beneath the soil bridge is a deep canyon with the clear water flowing below. The steep cliff has all kinds of vegetation growing on them and because of the greenness of the shrubs and trees, the place has also been referred to as the Green Canyon.

For nature lovers, Cukang Taneuh Pangandaran natural wonder is a place where one can enjoy absolute tranquility. The silence, which is occasionally broken by the sounds made by birds and insects thriving in the thick vegetation and the sound of water flowing, removes all your worries. People who dream to immerse themselves in adventure would likely enjoy the canyon.

Many first timers stand in awe at the beauty of the place and all that they can do was just to stare at the panoramic view before them. However, the first time you reach the canyon, the best thing to do is to shout at the top of your voice and here the echo resounding like thunder, repeating your words many times over. People who visit the Grand Canyon hanker for this unique and rare experience but for Asians, there is no need to fly to USA just to hear your voice reverberating. Comparing the expense, it would be much cheaper to visit Cukang Taneuh Panagndaran Indonesian canyon than go to America just to hear the echo of your voice when you shout.

Breathtaking views await the traveler and capturing the panorama is worth the long trip from the major city of Indonesia. Other activities that tourists can enjoy is walking, which is not only a good exercise but also a good way of purifying the soul, and climbing the stiff, which can be challenging.

If you wish to commune with nature or experience challenging activities, spend your next holiday in Indonesia and include Cukang Taneuh Pangandaran cannyon as your main destination.

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